Les Chaussures Rallye Footwear Inc. is a privately held, family owned company based in Anjou, Quebec, Canada. Rallye began production in 1991, initially producing waterproof footwear only for children. Over the years Rallye has expanded its product line to include fashionable and fun spring rainboots and CSA approved safety footwear. Rallye is a custom house Canadian manufacturer producing primarily private label brands for the Canadian, US and Russian markets.

In addition to private labels, Rallye produces and sells winter and spring footwear under their own brand names: Arctic Ridge, Arctic Tracks, Gray Wolf and Splashers.

Rallye's products may be found at most major Canadian retailers and discounters.

We proudly employ over 125 people while producing over 1.5 million pairs of footwear per year.

- Rallye introduces it's updated line of Arctic Ridge products. Designed for harsh Canadian winters.
- The Splashers rainboot collection now contains even more exciting colors!
- Rallye's safety products are now available with CSA & ESR approved lightweight composite materials.